Direct Mail Fundraising

You have a story to tell. UniSource Direct knows how to tell that story. Our team of copywriting experts knows how to build a compelling reason to give in direct mail fundraising appeals. Our graphic design stands out in mailboxes, increasing the chance your fundraising appeal will be opened, read and responded to.

Every component of a direct mail campaign, including copy, graphic design and data selection, must drive response.  UniSource Direct also has experience in evaluating fundraising programs by looking at critical metrics like renewal rates and lifetime value. We handle the entire process from start to finish, which allows you to accomplish more.

Direct Mail Advertising

UniSource Direct specializes in producing bold and compelling direct mail advertising campaigns for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) programs. Every direct mail package must build positive name identification for your company, get your product noticed and achieve your sales goals.

Once UniSource Direct helps you develop a compelling offer, we will produce the entire direct mail package in its entirety, including design, production and mailing. We make the process easy from start to finish.

Fulfillment Services

UniSource Direct has experience in developing and implementing fulfillment systems for varying volume levels and frequencies. Is your fulfillment program exceeding expectations? UniSource Direct will help you develop a turnkey fulfillment program that will distribute your collateral materials on‐time and within budget. We also have expertise in auditing current fulfillment programs and identifying efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Print Production

Cost is always a consideration before a project begins. But having the confidence your print project will be done right and on time is what will truly give you a good night’s sleep. That’s why UniSource Direct utilizes only the best print production technologies and has implemented quality assurance controls to ensure the job is done right. UniSource Direct is competitively priced and we’ll get the job done right ‐ and on time.


Are you getting the best results at the right price? If you need to generate new leads or sales for your business, then you need a provider with a B2B or B2C sales mindset. UniSource Direct will help you identify the best strategies for your sales or lead generation project and implement it from start to finish.

Productivity Analysis

Do you know your customers?

Our Productivity Analysis tool will help your organization do more by acquiring additional customers in a way that is more cost effective. After evaluating your customer database, UniSource Direct will provide a detailed report showing you important statistical trends like geographical concentration, income, standard industrial classification (SIC) codes and customer behavior.

Not only will this vital tool help you target additional customers, but we’ll also help you identify strategies to sell more to your existing customer base.

Contributor Response Analysis

Are you doing everything possible to grow your financial base of support?

If you’re a non‐profit or political organization that relies upon donors that give by direct mail and telemarketing, then UniSource Direct’s Contributor Response Analysis will help you do more. This tool will carefully examine multi‐year trends, provide snapshots of file counts by recency, frequency and amount.

Additionally, we will review key metrics like cost of fundraising, attrition and donor life‐time value. This tool is invaluable as you encourage your existing donors to give more and target prospects to join your cause.

List Hygiene

Keeping a clean house file is critical to preserving and protecting your customer or donor file. UniSource Direct will help your organization fully utilize list hygiene technologies in order to maximize returns.

• NCOA (National Change of Address)

• Phone Match/Append

• Merge/Purge

• Deceased Screening

• Consumer Data Appends

List Acquisition

UniSource Direct has access to millions of well qualified records to suit your purposes.  Whether you are looking for fundraising, business-to-business, or business-to-consumer lists, UniSource Direct can provide recommendations that are tailored to your organization’s goals.

Email Fundraising

Correctly used, email fundraising is a great way to get in touch with your donors with an urgent message to raise funds.  Let UniSource Direct help you design and implement an email fundraising program from start to finish.

Webpage Design

Whether it’s a landing page that accepts campaign contributions or a full website, let UniSource Direct help you.  We will help you develop a comprehensive plan to develop a website that enriches your brand, incorporates social media platforms, and accomplishes your goals.  We take into consideration marketing goals, target audience, and your overall budget to deliver the best possible solution.

To learn more about our services, please call 262.244.0733 or Email us.